Fitness Classes

Classes designed to improve your physical well-being. We provide a range of workouts that focus on empowering each other and having fun! Escape the day-to-day crazy and get your groove on in a judgement- free zone.




This is a 60 minute class that focuses on exercises that use your body weight paired with HIIT to get that extra burn in! Join personal trainer Sami S. from MoviFit in getting the best workout of your week!

Candle Light

Cool Down

This class is a guided 30 minute cool-down stretch session. Come relax, let go of stressors, and muscle tension. We will be focusing on slow beginner to intermediate stretches in a dim candle-lit room. Please bring your own yoga mat and bath towel for stretching.



Ever wanted to go back to the good ol' cheer days but realized you don't have the same energy source or flexibility as you once did? This class teaches a fun cheer dance to upbeat music.